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Importance of Alumni Association

Over the years, our institution has produced many scholars, leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, managers and professionals in all fields. The dedicated faculty of our school has made an impact on the mind, dreams and vision of their students, on the world of ideas and there practical application, both on a national and an international level. Success and greatness primarily requires four things: wonderful students enjoying a tremendous students experience, dedicated and accomplished faculty, a creative campus learning environment and inspiring as well as supportive leadership. Montfort has given us all of it.

After the students complete their education, they begin their journey in the outside world. Their success is an attribute of the kind of education, grooming, opportunities, co-curricular activities and facilities provided by their school. Therefore, it is paramount for the Alumni to support and strengthen the roots of their Alma Mater. The alumni association of every educational institution is an important determiner of its credibility. It conveys a great deal about the quality of education imparted in that institute.

In order to promote bonding among the members and to facilitate professional growth, the Alumni body of the school will endeavor to organize various events and activities. These guidelines are intended to ensure smooth conduct of such events and activities.


The objectives of these events and activities are:

a. To promote bonding and feeling of fraternity among the Alumni.

b. To provide a platform for sharing professional and personal experiences.

c. To be torch bearers for further success of our school.

d. To provide opportunity for networking among the members.

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Conduct Activies

The nature of events and activities to be conducted are given below:

  • Re-union Meetings/Get-together
  • Picnics
  • Seminars
  • Sports Meets
  • Cultural Events
  • Mini-Events
  • Other Social Activities

The nature of events and activities mentioned above are not exhaustive and more may be added in future.

Interact with Students

Many of the Alumni can help the existing students of our school by providing them with able guidance, vis-à-vis, professional choices and methodology to be adopted for reaching the desired goals. Therefore, the association will enable active interaction between the Alumni members and current student body. This intercommunication will be achieved at various levels. For example, medical professionals can conduct health camps for the students. Those practicing law can bring in a legal awareness and an understanding of their rights to them. Various seminars will be conduct to facilitate the same.


Many of the Alumni members, having achieved having reached the zenith of success in their respective fields would like to make donations to enhance the image of their school and contribute towards its betterment and success. Those interested may make their contributions to the Alumni fund and be an important part of the school’s prosperousness.


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We are not charging any fees for membership. But we may ask for membership fees later on.

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