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The years a student spends in the school should enable him/her to acquire sound principles of conduct and action and lay a soild foundation of truth and purposeful living when he/she attains adulthood. Principles of honesty, trust, co-operation, self-reliance, leadership and hard work are inculcated through various school activities. In these activities the student learns to do things himself/herself under the supervision of teachers. In them is given the opportunity to see the practical application of the abstract ideas of give and take that he/she learns in the classroom.



All the activities are organized between the four sections of the class. Most of the activities are based on the syllibi of the class. It aims at developing different skills. Parents must encourage their wards to take active participation in all activities. Continuous practice and perserverance is the only road to success.

All the subject activities are first conducted in the classrooms to enable each and every child to take part in them. Then the best participants are selected and inter-class competitions are organized on the third, fourth and fifth saturdays of every month. Parents are welcome if they wish to come and witness the performance of their wards on such days.

The school has a system of hobby clubs which provide ample opportunities to encourage the children to utilize their creative energies and skills and develop their artistic talents in a particular field. The students are free to choose the club of their liking. However, once the selection is made, no furhter change will be allowed.

The hobby clubs are as follows:-

  1. Nature Club

  2. Science Club

  3. English Club

  4. Language Club

  5. Maths Club

  6. Library Club

  7. Art and Painting Club

  8. Dance Club

  9. Music Club

  10. Social Science Club

  11. G. K. Club

  12. Computer Club

  13. Volley ball Club

  14. Basket ball Club

  15. Cricket Club

  16. Heritage Club

Classwise, 26 awards are instituted to recognize various talents of students. The awards are:

  1. Student of the year

  2. Singer of the year

  3. Musician of the year

  4. Athlete of the year

  5. Sportsman of the year

  6. Disciplined student of the year

  7. Artist of the year

  8. Actor of the year

  9. Best dancer

  10. Best speaker

  11. Excellence in studies

  12. Quizzer of the year

  13. Swimmer of the year

  14. Best section of the year-Rs.500/- and Rolling Trophy

An award named "Special Achievement Award" (SAA) will be given to a student if his/her outstanding performance/contribution do not fall in any of the above 13 categories.

One monitor/prefect from each class and one of the school leaders will be awarded "Leadership Award" (LA) for the year. This is applicable from class VI onwards.


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