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Investiture Ceremony Primary Wing (25th April)

Investiture Ceremony Middle & Senior Wing (26th April)

Silver Jubilee Celebration Bro. Monachan (28th April)

Board Award Ceremony (11th July)

St.Montfort Statue Inauguration (18th July)

Holiday Homework Exhibition (19th July)

Eid ul Fitr Celebrations (28th July)

Farewell Mrs. Neelam Pinto (31st July)

Grandparents Day Celebration - Primary Wing (23rd August)

Teachers' Day Celebration  (4th September)

Dussehra Celebration - Primary Wing & Senior Wing (1st October)

Diwali Celebration - Primary Wing & Senior Wing (21st October)

Guru Purab Celebration (5th November)

The Awakening - Silver Jubilee of the Province of Delhi (17th October)

Children's Day Celebration (14th November)

Music Carnival 2014 (21st November)

DPS Interschool Basketball Tournament 2014 Winners

Students visit from Montfort College Chiang Mai Thailand

Visit by students from France - Indo French Exchange programme

Christmas Celebrations (23rd December)

Class Picnics 2014 (Pre School to XIII)

Pre School and Pre Primary Fancy Dress Show

Peace Exhibition

Farewell - Mr. Sylvester Minz (22nd December).

Visit by the Students from Richmond College, Srilanka

MONTEX Pre-Primary Wing (17th January)

Republic Day Celebrations (23rd January)

2nd Bro. John Memorial Basketball Tournament (29th January)

Founder's Day and Helper's Day Celebration (31st January)

Grandparents Day Celebration (7th February)

Farewell Class XII (14th February)



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