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Investiture Ceremony - Primary Wing (20th April)

Investiture Ceremony - Middle & Senior Wing (21st April)

Buddh Purnima Celebrations (28th April)

Bro. Monachan's Birthday Celebration - Primary Wing (15th May)

Farewell Bro. Monachan & Welcome Bro. Thampy Alex (16th May)

Board Award Ceremony 2018 (12th July)

"Pre School "TANG PARTY" (17th July)

Pre Primary "FRUIT CHAAT PARTY" (18th July)

Holiday Homework Exhibition 2018 (21st July)

Gateway 2018 (27th July) - Result

Solo Dance Activity - Class IV (28th July) - Report

Hindi Poem Recitation Activity - Class III (28th July) - Report

Group Singing Activity - Class II (28th July) - Report

Solo Singing Activity - Class VI (28th July) - Report

Hindi Activity - Class VII (28th July) - Report

English Recitation Activity - Class VIII (28th July) - Report

Grandparent's Day Celebration - Primary Wing (3rd August) - Report

Seminar for Class IX (7th July)

Seminar for Class XII (30th July)

Seminar for Class VI on "Growing up Issues" (4th August) - Report

Class Board Work - August 2018

Independence Day Celebration (14th August)

XXIII Music Carnival 2018 - (18th August) - Report

Eid Ul Zuha Celebrations - (21st August) - Report

CBSE Mission Green School (August)

Rakshabandhan Celebration (24th August) - Report

Grandparents Day Celebration - Middle Wing (28th August) - Report

Janmashtami Celebrations (31st August) - Report

Teacher's Day Celebrations (05th September)

Class Board Work - Teacher's Day (05th September)

Hindi Story Narration Activity Class I (06th September) - Report

Solo Dance Activity Class III (07th September) - Report

Collage Making Activity Class III (17th September) - Report

Solo Singing Activity Class V (15th September) - Report


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