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Socio-emotional development is the most important development. Pre school is the first experince of the outside world. It is a very delicate and sensitive stage for the child and the parents. The child has to move out for the first time from his mother's world. The school provides lively, welcoming, congenial and happy atmosphere through friendly, smiling, soft-spoken and motherly teachers. If a child is well-adjusted and happy and exposed to the stimuli learning will automatically take place. The activities done are fun filled, lively and enjoyable. The child learn to wish, interact with other children and adults, share, help, take care of his belongings, good manners and respect others.
All the activities are planned in advance keeping in mind aims and objectives. We can not compartmentalise various developments. Through one activity more than one development takes place. e.g. An activity like Playing on Jungle gym, the main objective is Large muscle development but it also helps in socio-emotional development - sharing, taking his turn, helping others, having fun, overcoming fear of height, self-confidence; Language development- listening, interacting, following instructions and Cognitive development- spacial concept like high/low, big/small and observation.
1. Action Song
2. Dramatisation
3. Nature walk and outing
4. Rhythmic exercises
5. Clay work
6. Sand play
7. Creative activity
8. Group activities
9. Celebrations of festival and B'days
10. Picnics and excursions
11. Home visit
12. Friendly words
13. Moral values
A man is a social being by nature . Pre school is process and foundation to a formal school. It is also the first experience of an outside world for the child. A very delicate and sensitive stage for children and parents. The child for the first time has to move out from his/her mother's arms, more appropriate as stated by Brother John S.G. - first experience for the child to move out of his mother's world.
The school has a very unique way of developing the quality of independence. The child enjoys the comfort with the softspoken and motherly teachers. The children are also kept busy with attractive activities. The beginning days are made enjoyable by giving the child colourful toys , puzzles and games. The first few days children take with them balloons , puppets, lollipops etc.
When the children settle down activities like painting , clay moulding, water play , sand play , games, dance, song are included. Through these activities children develop confidence , creativity , expression, imagination skills. They are able to experience and express joy. They learn to interact with other children of their age. They also learn to share and enjoy the company of others.
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