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1. Increase vocabulary and speech
2. To develop correct pronunciation
3. Recite the rhymes clearly with expression
4. To enjoy the rhymes
5. To develop listening skills
6. To be able to coordinate with action and words.
7. To be able speak individually and in group
8. To develop good eating and drinking habits
9. To develop confidence and face the audience
10. To be able to recall and recite the rhyme
11. To be able to develop proper facial expression and voice modulation
12. To develop large and fine motor skills
13. To develop concentration and increase attention span.
14. To develop imagination and creativity
15. To be able work in groups with the feeling of oneness
16. To be able follow instructions
17. To be able to discriminate sounds and produce rhyming words
18. To develop rhythmic body movement
19. To develop clarity of speech
20. To learn new words with the meaning
21. To keep energetic mind engaged
22. To begin to experience and understand moral values
23. To comprehend and enjoy the different movement
24. To able to speak with ease and fluency

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