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1. To develop their par of observation and imagination
2. To enhance listening skill
3. To be able to sit peacefully and listen carefully
4. To able to experience joy
5. To enhance their attention span
6. To increase in empathy and joy
7. To develop their concentration part
8. To build self confidence in them
9. To keep energetic mind engaged
10. To avoid restlessness and boredom
11. To able to enhance recalling part
12. To experience the development in imagination and creativity
13. to introduce new things, words, and concept
14. To able to comprehend the story and recapitulated
15. To gain attention and bring in enthusiasm and excitement in the class
16. To be able to correlate this story with reality
17. To be able to come out and enact the characters of the story
18. To be able to recognize the characters their roll and understand the story
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