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1. To develop the imagination
2. To acquire the new language
3. To learn new words and their meanings
4. To be able to use the brains and knowledge and correlate it with present world.
5. To be able to work together in a group
6. To enhance the skills for learning such as listening thinking analyzing problem
     solving reasoning judging pursuing imagination and creativity.
7. To increase the vocabulary
8. To develop their span of listening
9. To develop the power of observation
10. To learn and memories in a practical way
11. To comprehend and enjoy different movement
12. To be systematic in their work
13. To develop concentation and increase attention span.
14. To able to look around and handle things visualize and analyze them for better
15. To increase their word bank
16. To able to converse in English
17. To make them comfortable with the new language
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