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Language is a means of communication. It is developed through listening activities, rhymes, stories, puppet shows, sing song activities, free conversation, guided conversation, picture reading, alphabet recognition, beginning sounds, structured sentences, situational sentences, role play, dramatization, stage exposure, audio video exposure, nature walks, trips and excursions. We are aware that the basic instruction given in the school is not in the language the child uses at home. Initially we provide bilingual platform and slowly expose him to English language through the activities mentioned above. Through these activities we are able to increase their vocabulary, develop their listening skills, clarity of speech. These activities give them a platform to learn, use and enjoy the new language.
1. Conversation
2. Songs and rhymes
3. Story telling
4. Role play
5. Riddles
6. Picture reading
7. Listening activities
8. Reading readiness
9. Writing readiness
Language is an aspect of communication. The child is able to make his/her needs known. It is a continuous verbal give and take of activities in school that has endless opportunities for listening and talking. Language learning takes place through activities such as Rhymes, story telling, Puppet shows, discussions on topics, picture talks, dramatization, situational sentences, sing-song activities, guided conversation, free conversation, nature walks and field trips. We are aware that the basic instruction in school is not the language the child speaks at home. We provide a bilingual platform and when the children feel comfort in school we switch to the language of the school. It is done gradually and carefully so no discomfort is felt by the child.
The above activities are conducted with aim and objectives that are pre-planned. Through the activities mentioned above , we are able to increase vocabulary, develop listening skills, develop clarity of speech, able to help comprehend and enjoy the language spoken, to be able to speak and express with ease.
Intellectual development is concept development where children have to be trained to accomplish the area of thinking and reasoning. It is an ability that needs to be developed through first hand experience . This needs careful planning and proper technical knowledge so as to motivate the children to participate happily.
Activities such as comparing -e.g. bi-small, tall-shot, pairing objects of the same kind. Pairing objects that go together, sorting of colours, articles families , animals,. Associating of objects and pictures , experimenting with colours, by touching and observing, activities like a experimenting heat by touching a hot glass of water, listening to different sounds by doing etc.
Gardening is one of the activities where children are able to experience and understand the growing of a plant. Using a staircase daily and deliberately helps in understanding the special concepts.
Fixing of blocks and puzzles With the activity mentioned children are able to reason and correlate to the building situations. Our aim is to sharpen the child's pre determined mental ability.
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